Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oreo or Sh$t Sandwich? Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Sandwich Fixings:

Monday night, Tropical Storm Emily starting making her way towards Florida and the Eastern Caribbean, right where we are cruising next week. I hate flying in inclement weather and I get sea sick. Gulp. This is really in my head.

That same night I went to check into our cruise, online. Our travel agent had said we didn’t need passports. I thought my driver’s license would be fine. I thought wrong. I need a certified copy of my birth certificate AND a copy of our marriage license. Which we can’t find. Naturally, we have the “keepsake license” from the church. I could use my passport. But, it expired July 9st.  FML.

Tuesday night Chloe had 10 of her loudest teen age friends over for a party. I don’t know what on earth made me say ok to this, but I should have just said no. Hell no. This is not a good week honey. As a result, I had to stay in my room babysitting instead of getting in my crossfit workout. I know all parents are supposed to gush over the joy of raising children but sometimes, it just sucks. SRSLY.

Wednesday morning I went to get my Crossfit on.  I moved a large empty box, which I was preparing to jump up on to. This was a watershed moment since I have always stacked 3 weights and jumped on to those and here I was trying the big box. Pushing myself and all that, in the Crossfit Tradition of don't be a pussy. So. Real box jump it was to be.

This was almost me. Almost.
Or not to be. I placed the empty box on the floor and the second it hit the ground something in my lower back snapped like a rubber band. I couldn’t stand up but if I had been able to, I would have simply fallen to the ground writhing in pain. Instead  I stood still like a statue, while a tidal wave of pain overtook me. Have mercy. I tried to finish the work out but it quickly became clear I could hardly move. Well, can you step up onto the box? The trainer asked. I can’t lift my leg to walk, was my reply. Hmmmmm.  Can you do a back squat with no bar? Ummmm, I can’t bend over at all. Indeed standing here is causing me to wince. You know, she said, I really think it would be best if you went home and iced. yeah. Think I’ll shuffle off now. 

I ordered my husband several handsome Tommy Bahama shirts (on sale, mais non) from Nordies, paying extra for two day shipping (something I never do), because he needs some nice cruise-y dinner-ish shirts. 

While I was at it I threw in a matching dress that was cute and also by Tommy, being that it was in the same colors as the shirts, just to try 'cause hey I'd already paid for shipping so what the heck. I already have a boat load (pun intended, of cute cruise-ish dresses and certainly didn't need another, but we'll get a family photo and it might look cute).  The dress arrived promptly and looked FABULOUS. It was also so expensive, I virtually never buy clothing when it is not on sale. I seriously hadn't expected to actually like it. 

This looks cuter on than you might think.
The shirts were nowhere to be found because I soon discovered they were shipped from stores and could not have two day shipping and so would be arriving after we had left. So now I have a pricey dress I want to keep that matches nothing. Ack.

I have 2 more days of the Whole 30/Paleo diet. I miss eating so many things. I don’t crave them. I’m not hungry. I simply like eating and by that I mean sometimes I just want to physically move something into my mouth and enjoy chewing it’s goodness. Last week Chloe said oh mom, it’s too bad you’re Paleo because otherwise you could come get froyo with us. I could have wept, I tell you, wept.

The Oreo:

I can get you started on your  the way to the gun show (HA!).) Oh yeah, and that makes me so, so crazy happy.

I can fit in my shorts. Not almost fit, but fit as in I would buy them today they feel so comfy.

My husband wrangled a meeting with the passport office in San Francisco for Friday morning, so I should be able to go on vacation afterall. But let's wait until Friday afternoon to do that full on happy dance.

As Dr. Ho worked on my back today he said “Oh Justin, you never change. You always have a big smile on your face. It doesn’t matter if you can’t bend over and can barely walk, you have a smile and always your sense of humor.” That made me laugh and feel good. It was such a compliment.

The first two in the list are definitely due to the Paleo eating. I’m gonna stick with it, but relax the rules. A weekly social treat is definitely in order. Or less, if no weekly  opportunity presents itself. Yeah right. Here is recent meal:

Chloe’s party went great and she is happy. Anyone with a teen age daughter can tell you that when they are happy, the whole family is happy.

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  1. Thanks for popping over to my blog and commenting. I appreciate it. I have added you to my reader. Yes, having kids can suck sometimes and anybody who tells you different is just lying.